Piano Lesson for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  Music Library
  • Category:  Education
  • Age rating:  0+
  • Processors:  neutral
  • Downloads:  26
Have you always wanted to learn how to play your favorite piano songs and piano music? Behold the best effortless piano app! Play your favorite songs instantly - after a short brief.
Piano Lesson - is a piano music game that will allow you play your favorite songs almost in instant! Gameplay is really simple. First of all - choose the melody you would like to play and the appropriate keys will be lighted up. If you make a mistake - the key will turn red. You can regulate speed of playback. There are also solo mode of playing and mode for two players!
Piano Lesson game:
- Simple and intuitive gameplay;
- Easy and fast way of playing your favorite music;
- Different modes of playing;
- Multi-touch support.
Start you music education with Piano Lesson now! It's so exciting!

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